Inv # Costume Description
274 Renaissance Maiden Blue multi-print chemise with blue velvet lace up vest, pearl trim, and head piece with veil...Size M $35 See Image
275 King's Robe and Crown Red swirl velvet robe trimmed with white fur and has a matching crown...One Size $35 See Image
276 Merlyn The Magician Long black tunic, red overrobe with white fur gold belt and medallion necklace...Size M-L $40 See Image
277 Italian Renaissance Dress Peach taffeta empire waist dress rust trim and inserts, gold sequins embellish the bodice...Size 12-14 $35 See Image
279 Grey Velvet Tunic Grey velvet tunic with paned and puffed sleeves and purple inserts, white tights, breechesm and crown...Size M $40 See Image
538 Multiprint Brocade Vest This vest features metallic lace trim and tassels, hook and eye closure...Size S $20 See Image
280 Juiliet/Jane Ayre cotton empire waist dress with white lace and metallic trim...Size S $30 See Image
281 Scholars Robe and Tunic Full length tunic with scholars robe with gold trim. Makes a great medieval sorcerer or wizard. $35 See Image
282 Lady In Waiting Gold satin, laced surcoat, gold cotton chemise w/ puffed sleeves, headpiece, and gold metallic trim..Size M-L $35 See Image
283 Medieval Prince Yellow velvet doublet with heraldic crest in black, black/yellow sleeve rolls, and puffed sleeves, white tights, black breeches, and hat...Size L $45 See Image
284 Monk brown cotton tunic hood with cape, belt pouch...One Size $30 See Image
427 Monk brown cotton tunic hood with cape, belt pouch...One Size $30 See Image
285 Robin Hood brown suede tunic brown/green suede doublet rusty browm suede pants, boots, hat...Size L $45 See Image
287 Friar Tuck blue robe, hood and rope belt...Size L $30 See Image
288 The King red velvet doublet w/tapestry insert and gold trim. Can add gold belt, crown, and tights or black pants...Size L $35 See Image
289 Naughty Queen black velvet tunic with red sequined inserts and collar, see-thru skirt and crown...Size M $30 See Image
290 King Arthur blue velvet tunic tights, crown/hat, and breeches..Size 40 $40 See Image
291 Guenivere white satin gown, crown red weskit, cuffs...Size 6-10 $35 See Image
292 Plus Size Guenivere off White satin gow, gold lame weskit, gold hat and veil...Size XL $40 See Image
293 Male Renaissance Peasant Assorted sizes. Assorted colors for pants, vest, shirt, and hat. $35 See Image
298 Female Renaissance Peasant off white chemise (#299), assorted skirts (#300), waist cinch or vest (#301), bag cap (#302) $30 See Image
304 Scullery Maid taupe and pink dress, mob cap...Size 7 $25 See Image
305 Damsel in Distress purple velvet dress, purple hennins with veils...Size 10 $35 See Image
306 Damsel in Distress purple velvet dress, purple hennins with veils...Size 14 $35 See Image
307 Crusader Knight black and silver “armor”, red tunic, belt and sword. Can be Joan of Arc...Size M $35 See Image
308 Chain Mail Knight knitted rope tunic, pants and hood tabbard, sword $35 See Image
536 Deluxe Peasant Wench brown velvet skirt and vest, brown cotton skirt, brown eyelash blouse $40 See Image
537 Male Gypsy black pants, red stripe shirt, brown vest..Size S $30 See Image
540 Medival King's Robe impressive robe $25 See Image
541 Lusty Peasant Wench rough gold and purple dress and white chemise...Size S $35 See Image
542 Male Renaissance Peasant stripe pants, green shirt and tapestry vest...Size S $30 See Image
543 Renaissance Prince Hunter green velvet tunic, breeches and hat, white tights...Size L-XL $45 See Image
544 Renaissance Princess Maroon and hunter velvet dress and headpiece...Size M-L $45 See Image
546 Court Jester green/black tunic, black pants accented with bright diamond shapes, lots of bells, attached neck ruff, tights, and hat...Size M-L $35 See Image
587 Fur King's Robe fake fur robe lined with purple satin w/crown $30 See Image
589 Shakespeare's Othello abulous paned and puffed breeches, hand quilted doublet w/ sleeves, brocade and velvet cape, hat and tights w/sleeves, brocade and velvet cape, hat and tights....Size L-XL $105 See Image
590 Shakespeare's Othello Same as above...Size S $105 See Image
303 Renaissance Wench white chemise, green/maroon print vest, blue & maroon skirt, hat...Size L-XXL $35 See Image
615 Elizabethan Woman maroon velvet and satin gown w/hoop..Size L/XL $35 See Image
617 Shakespeare's Juliet white crushed velvet dress, circlet w/veil...Size S $35 See Image
618 Medieval Princess Purple crushed velvet gown w/gold belt...Size L/XL $35 See Image
694 Fair Maiden Crème velvet dress with attached vest and removable gaunlets...Size L $35 See Image
695 Dark Knight Faux leather laced vest with attached shirt sleeves pants, belt and boot top covers...Size L $35 See Image
696 Renaissance Maid Floor length brown and cream velvet dress with gathered sleeves...Size L $35 See Image
697 Medieval Court Dress Floor length purple velvet gown with attached cape...Size L $35 See Image
698 Medieval Court Lady Floor length green velvet gown with belt and headpiece with attached veil...Size L $40 See Image
704 Lionheart Burgundy velvet shirt, pants and caped tunic with belt,arm cuffs and boot tops, crown optional...Size L/XL $40 See Image
723 King Henry VIII Gorgeous gold brocade tunic, embroidered velvet surcoat, hat and white tight...Size XXL $40 See Image
723 Tudor Queen Be one of Henry's wives Gorgeous black and gold trimmed dress with fur sleeves and overlay. Stunning!...Size M $40 See Image
420 New Prince Charming Black velvet jacket, sash, pants, boot top covers, chains and belt...Size L-XL $40 See Image
68 Shakespeare Brown paisley shirt maroon & green tapestry velvet doublet with paned and puffed sleeves. Breeches and boots extra $45 See Image
419 Romeo Black velvet tunic w/ cape, hat, belt and tights..Size L-XL $40 See Image
750 Queen Elizabeth I Burgundy taffeta skirt with cartridge pleats and hand beaded front panel, beaded bodice, removeable partlet, hoop skirt, bum roll, neck ruff wig and crown. *This costume won 1st place in it's division at a National Competition 2002...Size M $80 See Image
760 Flower Princess Burgundy and pink velvet gown with gold belt flower headpiece...Size S/M $30 See Image
761 Flower Princess Burgundy and pink velvet gown with gold belt flower headpiece...Size S/M $30 See Image
810 Renaissance Man grey doublet with black tights...Size M-L $30 See Image
824 Mary Ann Hunter green velvet dress with brown accents cut in the early Renaissance style, hood...Size L $45 See Image
834 Story Book Peasant Brown/black checked skirt,tan peasant blouse charcoal grey vest, shawl...Size 7-9 $40 See Image
865 Men's Peasant Shirt green and cream Striped peasant shirt...Size L $20 See Image
868 Renaissance Bride crème velvetand lace dress with attached train...Size M $40 See Image
869 Lady of Distinction burgundy off the shoulder gown with hallowed sleeves...Size M $35 See Image
889 Morgan La Faye 2 pc. Purple velvet medieval gown with hand woven insert and beaded 3/4 sleeve. Designed to be worn...Size 6-8 $45 See Image
203 Lady of the Round Table w/ the burgundy velvet cape (add $10). Crown optional.Purple gown with gold insert and gold metallic trim...Size M $35 See Image
925 Musketeer Lady Gorgeous black and silver velvet dress with collar and cuffs...Size M $45 See Image
926 Musketeer Man Fabulouse black velvet tunic with black shirt, pants and boot covers...Size XL $45 See Image
953 Maroon Fleur Di Lis Maroon fleur di lis dress can be worn alone or with white peasant blouse included...Size S $40 See Image
954 Cote De Hardie Stunning red medieval dress with black trim..Size M $40 See Image
955 Ball Gown Charcoal gray tafffeta Renaissance gown with gold trim...Size S $40 See Image
1021 Green/Maroon Peasant Gypsy skirt with maroon points, vest and peasant blouse...Size 12-14 $35 See Image
1022 Taupe and Tan Peasant/Gypsy Taupe and tan skirt with chenille overskirt, peasant blouse and vest...Size 8-10 $35 See Image
1055 Crusades Knight Dk. Blue tunic w/ attached "chain mail", belt, awesome helmet & shield...Size L $45 See Image
1056 Knight of the Spanish Inquistion Gold body suit, brown and green galligaskins, armor and helmet...Size L $50 See Image
1057 Lady Priscilla gorgeous day wear for the independent renaissance woman. includes a brown tapestry skirt, brown velvet doublet and beige striped blouse...Size M $40 See Image
1072 Renaissance Bar Maid crème panne velvet skirt, attached blouse, maroon vest...Size M $35 See Image
1073 French Court Princess purple and crème velvet dress w/gold trim...Size L $40 See Image
1097 Queen Isadora Royal blue and silver brocade gown to depict your favorite royal...Size 14-22 $45 See Image
1098 Lady Miriam Gorgeous white chffon dress with gold embroidery. Fabulous jeweled belt. This is truly beautiful....Size S $50 See Image
1102 Celtic Lass White celtic chemis, berry colored petticoat, Black velvet overdress...Size M $45 See Image
1103 Abita di Firenze Italian Renaissance dress includes white chemise, navy blue velvet overdress with tie-on sleeves...Size M $45 See Image
1104 Robin of Locksley brown corduroy Gambeson, shirt with Locksley pants very authentic...Size L/XL $40 See Image
1105 Renaissance Outlaw Shirt rough textured renaissance shirt...Size L/XL $20 See Image
1106 Black Monk Robe authentic monks robe with hood and belt...Size L/XL $40 See Image
817 Transcends Time Cloak $25 alone/$15 with costume Voluminious (12 yds. Of fabric) grey cloak with hood grey wizard's hat for Gandalf for $5.00 more...Size XXXL $20/$30 See Image
1137 Tiberas - Kingdom of Heaven Jerusalem Cape and Tunic Beautiful blue crusades costume liscensed from the movie Kingdom of Heaven. It includes:blue tunic with metallic embroidery, cape and gorgeous scabbard. Chain mail shirt and cowl and medival swoad extra...Size M-L $50/$60 See Image
1151 Tunic of Ibelin - Kingdom of Heaven BEIGE AND BURGUNDY TUNIC. Licened from the muvie, add chain mail shirt and cowl for $20...Size M-L $40/$60 See Image
1192 Lady Gweneth Full length gown with satin lined drop sleeves, tulle petticoat and hat w/veil...Size XL $40 See Image
1194 Executioner Vinyl strap trimmed tunic, black pants, hood w/cowl, fingerless gloves, boot tops studded belt and battle axe...Size XL $40 See Image
1242 Black Velvet Surcoat and Underdress Gorgeous black velvet medievel surcoat with silver underdress. Silver trim...Size L-XL $50 See Image
1243 Camelot Surcoat Actual garment worn in the movie. For display only See Image
1258 Renaissance Peasant Lady Includes olive skrit, blouse, hat and belt...Size M $30 See Image
1259 Queen Guinevere Includes blue velvet 2pc. Dress, belt and hat...Size L-XL $45 See Image
1295 Medieval Man Brown Velvet tunic, hat and tights...Size M $45 See Image
1296 Medieval Lady Brown velvet dress w/crème inserts and matching hat, matches above...Size M $45 See Image
1317 Renaissance Maiden Full length gauze underdress, dk. Green overdress flower headpiece...Size S $35 See Image
1342 Queen Isabella Beautiful burgundy taffeta gown with coordinating embroidered silk panels. Crown Great historic look...Size L $50 See Image
1343 King Ferdinand Matches costume above. Burgundy taffeta doublet, pumpkin breechs Burgundy velvet cape, tights anc crown...Size XL $50 See Image
1353 Gold Issadora gold on gold metallic brocade dress with hat...Size 14-22 $45 See Image
1363 Gold Renaissance Lady This white and gold gown in studded with pearls and features period sleeves. Add a crown for an additional fee and be royalty...Size S $50 See Image
1394 Renaissance Faire Includes gown with smocked neckline and double skirt, vest with gold trim , hat vinyl belt and drawstring pouch...Size L $45 See Image
1412 Mid-Weight Monk This costume consists of a rough brown tunic, cowl and belt w/pouch...One Size $40 See Image
1413 Mid-Weight Monk This costume consists of a rough brown tunic, cowl and belt w/pouch...One Size $40 See Image
1502 Heloise This beautiful gown is one of a kind in broze tones with a diamond patterened insert and falling sleeves. Complete the ensemble with a crown or circlet...Size 2X $45 See Image
1629 Harlequin Mens pants, jacket, shirt, and hat...Size M-L $45 See Image
1765 Black/Gold Princess Black floor length gown with gold inset and trim at sleeves, black and gold twist at waist and elbow, and matching hat...Size small $40 See Image
1889 Gold Renaissance Male White with gold trim Renaissance male costume. Pants, jacket, and hat matches #1363...Size XL Short $45 See Image
1976 Yellow Princess Yellow renaissance gown with green velvet and metallic print trim. Mattching hat...Size S-M $45 See Image
203 Lady of the Round Table Purple gown with gold insert and gold metallic trim...Size S $35 See Image
1725 Anne Boleyn Brown dress with lace up bodice and matching headpiece...Size L $45 See Image
1718 Braveheart Gown Cream colored gown with headpiece and belt. Licensed...Size L $50 See Image

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