Inv # Costume Description
404 Energizer Rabbit head, mitts, spats, fur body, and optional drum/sticks $45 See Image
  Easter Bunny white fur body, white fur spats or bunny feet, white fur mitts, and full mascot head...Size L-XL (9 in stock) $50 See Image
  Premium Easter Bunny fantastic white body with built in feet and super plus full mascot head. indoor use only...Size L-XL $75 See Image
405 Cardinal full mascot head/body, tights, and feet. One Size $45 See Image
406 Chicken choice of full mascot head or face showing hood, body, and tights. One Size $40 See Image
407 Panda Bear full mascot head and body...Size XL-XXL $25 See Image
408 White Dog full mascot head and body...Size XL $25 See Image
See Image
58 Brown Rabbit full mascot head, fur body, and mitts. Great for Peter Rabbit. One Size $35 See Image
410 Gorilla full mascot head, body, hands, and feet. One Size $30 See Image
411 Gorilla full mascot head, body, hands, and feet. One Size $30 See Image
413 Premium Gorilla Awesome 2pc gorilla with realistic head, hands, and feet...Size XL $55 See Image
202 Got Cookies Crazy Cow wacko costume with face exposed...Size L $40 See Image
414 2 Person Horse front body, back pants, saddle blanket, head, and hooves...Size L $35 See Image
415 Big Yellow Duck furry yellow body, yellow leggings, stripe socks, yellow turtleneck, and bird or duck head...Size L $40 See Image
812 Swamp Creature licensed latex mask, hands, and sculptured hand painted body...Size M-L $45 See Image
1358 Penguin mascot type costume with pants, body, hands, feet, and full head...Size L $50 See Image
1409 Cow mascot holstein cow can be used by one or two people. includes head, 2pc jumpsuit, body, pants, and four hooves. One size $50 See Image
1531 Socrates resembles a Jack Russell terrier with fur body, mitts, spatts, full mascot head, book bag, glasses, and book...Size L $50 See Image
1592 White Sheep 1pc body, hat with open face, and black ears. One size $40 See Image
1509 Baboon 7pc costume, animals legs, chset, hands, feet, and mask. One size fits most $45 See Image
1495 Elephant body and exposed face head. One size $45 See Image
1336 Grizzly Bear Awesome mascot. realistic head and can be worn with or without teeth. 2pc body, paws, and shoe covers...Size L-XL $55 See Image
1532 Camel single humped camel, feet, paws, and full mascot head. One size $50 See Image
1565 Lion body, feet/hand covers, and full mascot head. One size $50 See Image
1539 Turkey brown fur body, attached wings, feet, and full mascot head. lots of feathers. One size $50 See Image
1985 Parrot colorful parrot mascot, soft sculptured head, and foot covers $40 See Image
1508 Trained Gorilla This ultra lightweight gorilla is great to wear and cuts the heat in half. It includes a gorilla shirt, super action gloves, and reticulated mask that moves when you do.Worn with your jeans...Size L $45 See Image

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