Ancient Times + Biblical

Inv # Costume Description
374 Brutus white togo with blue drape laurel headpiece. you supply the sandals...Size M-L $30 See Image
375 Portia (Brutus' Wife) short hite toga with white drape and hold cord belt...Size M $35 See Image
376 Sampson beige tunic with black trim, brown/black stripe overlay, leatherette armour, wristlets, rope belt, black pants, and headpiece...Size M $30 See Image
377 Delilah long lavendar gown with gold cord belt and coin headpiece...Size M $30 See Image
379 Ancient Viking Hero black laced pants, black/fur trimmed cape, leaterette breastplate, black/fur leggings and cuffs...Size M $30 See Image
873 Warrior Princess fantastic leather armor, black underskirt, black tube top, wig, and whip...Size M $35 See Image
378 Ancient Warrior Princess brown skirt, leatherette overskirt, latex breastplate, black/fur cape, leggings, and cuffs...Size S-M $30 See Image
380 Cleopatra gold/white satin gown, gold collar, gold belt, and beaded headpiece...Size S-M $35 See Image
384 Premium Cleopatra gold sequined dress, gold jeweled collar, gold jeweled wristlets, gold belt, elaborate wig, and headpiece...Size M-L $45 See Image
924 Golden Cleopatra gold lame dress/cape with attached collar. wig, and headpiece...Size M $50 See Image
382 Mark Anthony white tunic with gold trim, black belt, red stripe cape, and laurel wreath...Size M-L $30 See Image
383 Trojan Warior short red tunic, cape, vinyl armour, helmet, brush sword, and shield...Size M-L $30 See Image
384 Pilate short white tunic, padded armor, laurel headpiece, leg/arm grieves, and cape...Size M-L $35 See Image
533 TV Hercules suede shirt, pants, wrist bands, and leg bands...Size L $30 See Image
270 Moses green tunic, blue/green stripe cloak, headpiece, and wig...Size XL $30 See Image
512 Tan Biblical Robe tan robe, coral cloak, rope belt, wig, and headpiece...Size L-XL $30 See Image
513 Mary Magadeline blue dark tunic, blue dark cloak, and blue drape...Size L-XL $30 See Image
514 Jesus monks cloth laced tunic, deep red drape, rope belt, and wig...Size L $30 See Image
515 High Priest dark blue tunic, black hat, belt, and breastplate...Size L $30 See Image
517 Joseph brown/tan tunic, tak/black stripe cloak, and belt...Size L-XL $30 See Image
521 Grey Tunic/Cloak grey tunic, grey stripe cloa, belt, and wig...Size L $30 See Image
741 Mary white tinuc with lite blue drape..M-L $30 See Image
890 Bargin Mary white tunic with lite blue drape...Size L $25 See Image
910 Casper King of the East black brocade tunic with red silk overlay, black/gold metallic cloak, and gold turbin...Size M-L $45 See Image
911 Melchior King of the North lavendar jaquard tunic with multi-purple metallic tabard. royal purple velvet floor length cape with a white mink collar and crown...Size M-L $45 See Image
912 Balthazar King of the South dark blue African print tunic, gold velvet cape with faux lion/leopard fur, and feather trimmed turbin...Size L-XL $45 See Image
743 Angel of Light white velvet tunic with star sleeves, halo, and feathered wings...Size XL $30 See Image
999 Croen/Wiseman olive and mustard brocade cape and purple lining worn over one of our basic tunics. One size $25 See Image
1000 King/Wiseman Surcoat purple brocade surcoat with faux fur trim. One size $25 See Image
1001 Brown/Black/Blue Stripe over Robe wear this over one of our tunics for your favorite biblicak character. One size $25 See Image
952 St. George black Roman armour, helmet, tunic, with cape and sword...Size L-XL $40 See Image
691 Aphrodite long red tunic dress, wrap belt, and white sash. One size $30 See Image
692 Athena white toga dress with attached shawl...Size M $30 See Image
716 Roman Goddess white toga dress, belt, and laurel wreath...Size Plus $30 See Image
742 Toga white tunic with cord belt...Size XL $25 See Image
1002 Pharoah white/gold chest piece and collar, white shorts with drape, and headpiece. Great for musical Joseph's Technicolor Dreamcoat. Gold lame cape also available...Size M-L $35 See Image
1254 Roman Senator tunic, skirt, drape, leaves, and armband...Size L $30 See Image
1255 Roman Warrior tunic, skirt, armor, leg greaves, helmet, and shield...Size L $40 See Image
1313 Hera white velvet gown, red belt, drape, and crown...Size 8-10 $35 See Image
1314 Zeus gret toga, drape, chest plate, arm guards, and cape...Size 44-45 $35 See Image
1323 Harpy greek goddess gone bad. includes a halter strap top with bustier, skirt, wings, hearpiece, leg guards, mesh glovelette, and armband...Size M $35 See Image
1348 Medusa satin gown with shimmer fabric sleeves, snake headpiece/necklace, bat medallian, and bat choker...Size 12-14 $40 See Image
1518 Greek Goddess full length chiffon trimmed gown with gold key embellishments, gold leaf tiara, and coin necklace...Size 3X $40 See Image
1488 Grecian Goddess dress and headpiece...Size M $30 See Image
1623 Viking Vixen full length gown with metallica printed detail, draping, headpiece, necklace, cape, and fingerless gloves...Size XXL-XXXL $45 See Image
1621 Viking Victory tunic with celtic trim, attached chainmail sleeves, fur gauntlets, helmet, boot covers, belt, and matching trimmed cape...Size XXL-XXXL $45 See Image
1612 Viking Princess full length gown with metallic printed detail, draping, headpiece, necklace, cape, and fingerless gloves...Size L-XL $45 See Image
1613 Viking Warrior tunic with celtic trim, attached chainmail sleeves, fur gauntlets, helmet, boot covers, belt, and matching trimmed cape...Size XL $45 See Image
1609 Cave Brute 3pc costume. consists of muscle top, attached tunic, belt, and caveman wig...Size L $30 See Image
1590 Black Medusa dress with greek trum and 2pc headpiece. One Size $35 See Image
2019 Genghis Khan tunic with chainmail sleeves, helmet, chest armor, cuffs, and boot covers...Size XL $45 See Image

We have numerous robes, cloaks and drapes for many Biblical and Jewish characters.
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